BL crew..

shoutout to SHEEM, O’BRYAN, JOHN, IKE, KWAS, and HA poe! tell the world to step they’re cargo ability up



A sneak peek at the black diamond, visa blackcard dogtags i made this week! let’s see what kind’ve hit this makes tonight at Andre’s party! shoutout to Swiss too!

DFerG ALL over again


A brief look at HARLEMS legend DFERG’s son! Young Ferg is carrying the torch in a bigger way for our generation, as did poppa ferg for his generation!

R.I.P 2 D-feRG ( senior) x VADO sliiiiiiiiime

very HARLEM…mad reminiscent of them old days, and im not that old but i know what these lyrics come from! ” REST IN PEACE D FERG …IM WITH MY SAME GANG” ask yall fathers bout same gang…FERG 54 for life!

Lupe Fiasco and Pharrell- HORN Synth

My Beautiful/youthful Grandmother

Everyone…this timeless lady by my side is my grandmother Audrey, but to me, and the family she is better known as ZiZi! ZiZi is a golden Soror of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority incorporated (a sister in the org for more than 50 years) an active member on the education board for the NAACP, a retired school teacher, and the list goes on! She sped down to the front row in her SL Benz, and oh yeah that’s an Emilio Pucci outfit. holla

100 year NAACP National convention

Last Summer Ferg, LA, and I exhibited in the NAACP convention here in the BIG APPLE NYC ; ) celebrity guests, and a array of beautiful black faces young to old (not to call ya’ll old but..) had an amazing time, an amazing time is standard when your dealing with the National convention, and especially being a region 2 representer.