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RICH P’S The Oval Office artwork x JAYWEST

this past few weeks ive been collaborating with Musician Rich P, to compose a stunning, and hit artwork for his upcoming project!

here it is, hope you enjoy!

Bheind the Scenes-The Culture



baby Don AURA : )

We weren’t even allowed into diner’s, or movie theaters back in the days without getting crucified,

now we’re Presidents, CEO’s, and the list goes on! continue to forge ahead my people, and all of mankind, continue upward, and spread LOVE!

MW3 straight EPIC

One of the most anticipated new releases at E3 this year is perhaps the new game from the Call of Duty “COD” series. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is once again in the hands of Activision. So far Activision has released four separate trailers revealing the distinct battle regions that include countries such as England, France, Germany, and the US; today however, they have unveiled the very first full-on “Reveal Trailer.” The explosive cinematic trailer is full of fierce gunfights amidst massive destruction, showing for the first time in-engine footage. Not only have the graphics really been stepped up, aspects such as larger maps, and destructible environments are said to have been added into the game as well. Activision is of course promising an epic sequel, and this may indeed be the biggest Modern Warfare yet. No surprise on the release date, as every Call of Duty releases on the same day, the expected date is November 8th.