Jay West | “Pharrell’s Instruction to Thee Almighty”


In the studio


it has begun

in the studio 2


starting blank

“Portrait of a Harlem Artist”

An in-depth look at A.S.A.P.’s resident Visual Artist, Justin West.

Responsible for the artwork behind ASAP Rocky’s videos such as Purple Swag, Peso, and Wassup, this Harlem giant has exhibited in numerous Galleries, from his hometown to his most recent showing in NY’s most prominent art scene, Chelsea. We take a look at his beginnings, struggles as an artist and the man’s thought process behind his work. Definitely an individual dedicated to his many passions, we present you “Portrait of a Harlem Artist, Justin West”

Directed by Christian San Jose & Phil Mao


Longly awaited, excellently filmed, and perfectly executed visual to The song wassup.

I’m sure many viewers will misunderstand the visuals, and Spark talks of Conspiracy; Definitely not

Just enjoy- A$AP


Back when Vado was ALMIGHTY