Jay West | “Abstract Messiah”

According to the pictures , Jay West‘s anticipated exhibition entitled End of an Error was a success . With family and friends supporting him from the start , his imagery was slowly coming to life . Soon after Jay and four other artists we’re proclaimed winners , their artwork was then displayed on W.125th St.

His artwork displayed on W.125th St. was a shock . Though he never imagined walking up and down Harlem’s well-known street to find his artwork displayed , his competitive mindset helped him surpass his imagination .

Jay’s Earth-like piece is interesting because it could contain multiple meanings . Unfortunately for us , we may never know . Once you look past the artwork , the time and effort contributed to following his passion appears .

“I feel that my surroundings really influence my work as well . You’re always a product of your environment . It’s like , if you see gloomy skies and crackheads and gang violence . I could easily been sucked into that , but I took that , that backdrop , and made it like an influence . I made that and took it all and put it into an image or characters of my own  . “ Justin West


A$AP Mob | “Lords Never Worry”

Clayborne Bujorian | “True Colors Bleed Through Regardless”

As anticipation and patience rose and decreased during the weekend before the proclaimed A$AP Mob released their project entitled Lords Never Worry . Isn’t Long.Live.A$AP releasing in October ? Yes . Though Long.Live.A$AP is releasing very shortly also , the Mob keeps their posture as they crash Live Mixtapes quickly after presenting us the masterpiece .

Collectives have been relevant recently . Luckily , A$AP Mob acquires an abundance of diversity to the point we’re unable to disregard their work . Raise your expectations . Though this is the only project by the entire Mob , there will always be the time in the day to create more . Responses from strong supporters and fans will help realize the collective their time has yet to come .

Art Direction By Matthew Williams .

Download their anticipated project here .

Dead Heart NYC | “Neon HRT$ Collection : Zipper T-Shirt” Teaser

Since the release of the original Dead Heart Zipper T-Shirt , it’s exposure grew after being worn by Soulja Boy and New York’s own , Vinny Cha$e . Soon enough , Complex picked up what Maximillian Hellerstein and Cyrus Summerlin were putting down .

After the conclusion of Friday , The 13th , we’re introduced to the newest editions of the Dead Heart Collection . Underwater products are hard to come by . Until now . Since white seems to be the new black , these new t-shirts are ahead of the game .

Along with the original Zipper T-Shirt’s , black t-shirts in both zipper color-ways will also be ready for purchase . This Neon HRT$ Collection has my interest . The vibrant colors on a simple t-shirt will complete most outfits .

Also , we’re presented an all-over kaleidoscope-print t-shirt . An basic t-shirt has been given a brand new look . With colors galore , this addition may surprise your friends and family . View the energetic visual below .

Jay West | “From Then To Now”

” Long roads result in dead ends . New paths multiply when one begins . ” – Clayborne Bujorian 

Remain patient while you’re waiting for the new site . Stay informed via Thee Almighty .

Glue Society | “Hot With The Chance of Late Storm”

Though we haven’t had too many opportunities to chase our local ice cream trucks this year , we’ll stop whatever it may be we’re doing and chase after it as if we haven’t seen it for years . A sculpture constructed by the Glue Society entitled Hot With The Chance of Late Storm helps portray the collision between extreme temperatures and your favorite treat , ice cream . A neat 3 dimensional piece of artwork , inspired by Salvador Dali has me anxious for what they’re getting into in 2012 .





Jay West | “End of an Error” Short Film

” The lair of empty Moet and Hennessy bottles is also the lair of the omnipotent gems of Jay West . “Clayborne Bujorian .

Jay West | “Thee Omnipotent”

Nearing closer to his anticipated solo exhibit , the Pop Expressionist Justin West takes a few minutes from his work and progression to sit with L&L TV Production to speak about his history , and near future . Reigning from Harlem , New York , we’re given the almighty talents of your favorite artist’s artist . Not only has Mr.West had the opportunity to paint a lavish body in A$AP Rocky‘s music video , Wassup ,  his paintings are also featured in the backgrounds of Purple Swag  and Get High . Some viewers tend to attach his artwork to the big names he works with.  Both artists have high standards to represent their work in the best way possible tends to recieve mixed emotions .

” It kinda just recognizes real , it just meets , it just works . “Jay West  

With renaissance style paintings inspiring his skill and effort , his paintings never fail to come to life . Although there’s a lack of humans in his famous pieces , wolves and robots tend to cover his canvas’ . Yes , wolves and robots . The symoblic meaning of his choice of characters can only be found with the urge to learn .

His upcoming show , End of an Error on May 26th is similar to a double entendre of Damien Hirst‘s exhibit entitled End of an Era . The majority of his paintings and a possibility of select few drawings will be present . Although my presence won’t be felt , it will . Don’t forget to mark your calendars . If you’re around the NYC area , make sure to stop-by and make an appearance at the Sara Nightingale Gallery .

Author : @See_Bujorian .