still shot of the POWER video
Kanye West’s six-figure Horus chain hangs low in this first image from his “Power” video. The New York Times got a sneak peek of the clip directed by artist Marco Brambilla. As Mr. West raps, the camera slowly pans out in one continuous, unedited take to reveal him surrounded by nude female attendants; some kneel before him, others wear devil horns, and some are suspended upside down from the ceiling. The Sword of Damocles hangs over the rapper’s head, while an executioner prepares to strike him with a blade.

“It’s kind of apocalyptic, in a very personal way,” Brambilla told ArtsBeat. “It’s a very exaggerated hyper-sensational version of what the song is saying.- words like apocalyptic is exactly what i aim for in art


Kid Cudi- Mojo so DOPE

off Man on the moon II …the album had reportedly been pushed back once again, and is slated for October 26th. still gettin it so it wouldn’t matter

<span><a href=””>KiD CuDi – Mojo So Dope</a> by <a href=””>Hypetrak</a></span&gt;

this always give a great laugh



FUNERAL x D ferg

Brotha ferg has been working on a photo shoot entitled ” funeral” symbolizing the passing of his legendary dad D-FERG of FERG 54 apparel. this is a very noble, and visionary get up, i can only imagine the actual photos when they’re released


For those YE’ haters out there, and there is plenttttyyyy of yall; you all could start a kanye hater farm if you wabted to…for ya’ll the lyrics are back, the flow is stronger, cockier, and wiser…this just put the already threatening kanye on steroids..scratch that…ASTEROIDS. lol. ” my chain heavy, my chain heavy” sept 14th im buyin 2 copies