looking like a levi photo

i threw it in the camp fire>BARI WOULDVE CRIED


inside the home of EARNIE-art collector

I visited the home of one of the coolest people I’ve met in a long time, this man Has an obvious love for art. His entire decor of his place is an art piece, even the way his living room over looks the large glass windows into the backyard where he has an array of plant life, and trees that he personally planted and grew. among his vast collection of Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol ( yes authentic warhols), Calder’s, Mark Rothko’s, and manyyy more to name; among these greats were a JAYWEST ; ) “Pop Art caught slippin'” is the piece also known as “the popeye” .

stephen sprouse original


AHEAD OF MY TIME SOMETIMES YEARS OUT..middle finger to those who neva understood that day

town of Sag Harbor via THE HAMPTONS

RED BOTTOM on Nicki 1 of 3

HORUS chain, and PYRAMID rings. FIRE

OKAY!! most of you probably peeped the chain as a glimpse in the shadowy performance by Kanye West @ the 2010 BET awards lastnight. I’ve heard som esay “it was a huge Jesus piece, or a big self portrait chain ( so not cool) it’s one of the highest figures in the Ancient Egyptian status symbol’s; HORUS! his most simple symbol is the eye, hence the name THE EYE OF HORUS, where the pupil of the eye is sad to be the sun. ALot of people get Egyptian symbolism twisted with secret society symbolism confused. The Egyptians were the first to form a religion, and concept of a higher power therefor it being original and the first they take these symbols as symbols on the low to explain, and tell the story of there meanings. peep that the links in the chain are barely visible giving it an ancient feel. job well done YE’.