Dead Heart NYC | “Neon HRT$ Collection : Zipper T-Shirt” Teaser

Since the release of the original Dead Heart Zipper T-Shirt , it’s exposure grew after being worn by Soulja Boy and New York’s own , Vinny Cha$e . Soon enough , Complex picked up what Maximillian Hellerstein and Cyrus Summerlin were putting down .

After the conclusion of Friday , The 13th , we’re introduced to the newest editions of the Dead Heart Collection . Underwater products are hard to come by . Until now . Since white seems to be the new black , these new t-shirts are ahead of the game .

Along with the original Zipper T-Shirt’s , black t-shirts in both zipper color-ways will also be ready for purchase . This Neon HRT$ Collection has my interest . The vibrant colors on a simple t-shirt will complete most outfits .

Also , we’re presented an all-over kaleidoscope-print t-shirt . An basic t-shirt has been given a brand new look . With colors galore , this addition may surprise your friends and family . View the energetic visual below .


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