Jay West | “Pharrell’s Instruction to Thee Almighty”


Abstraction | “Unconcerned with Literal Depiction”

Pablo Picasso | "Nude in an Armchair"

Abstraction began during the movement while individuals aimed to innovate and experiment with art , politics , and culture . Creative matters began appearing in the 19th century . While multiple manners were being expressed throughout North America and Europe between the years of 1910 and 1920 , sculptures and paintings flourished without citations to reality .

Along with Cubism , Abstract Art includes the focuses of Neoplasticism , and Abstract Expressionism . Cubist illustrations offered by Georges Braque and the well-known Pablo Picasso were glowing in the West come the early 1900’s .

Georges Braque

Important to the History of Abstraction is a man by the name of Marcus Rothkovich , also known as Mark Rothko . The Dvinsk , Russia native was a painter and an Abstract Expressionist . He was born in 1903 .

His presence in constructing the Color Field Theory played a big role throughout the world of Abstractionism .

Color Field Theory : Using large areas of color to decorate the entire canvas . The colors of one’s canvas exceed the borders and into infinity .

Marcus Rothkovich | "Blue and Grey" + "Earth and Green"

In the studio


it has begun

in the studio 2


starting blank

Rich-P | “Big Spender” Official Video

After the release of Theophilus London and A$AP Rocky‘s track entitled Big Spender , Rich-P came correct with his own unique twist to the banger . The Harlem native has no trouble experimenting with well-known instrumentals and transforming them into hits , as seen on Hit-Boy‘s “Ni***’s In Paris” and SpaceGhostPurpp‘s “Pretty Flacko” . With cameos from the young faces of Ian Connor and Ade Oyeyemi , the visual turned out nicely .

Shot & Directed by : Dashing + Bluel

Editor : Bluel

Travi$ Scott + T.I. | “Animal”

After the success of his latest songs , XX and 16 Chapels , Travi$ Scott is fortunate enough to have the chance to connect with T.I. on a joint entitled Animal . The Houston native has been striving to complete his anticipated project Owl Pharaoh . Although constant questions have been sent to his Tumblr , he’s yet to release a date for the outcome .

View updates on newly released music and information regarding Owl Pharaoh here .

Dead Heart NYC | “HRT$ S/S 12′ Collection”

As the seasons of Spring and Summer are around the corner , the guys over at Dead Heart NYC treat their patiently waiting customers with new products . Although the HRT$ Collection may sold out quickly , more products will be ready for purchase throughout the week .

Maximillian and Cyrus have exclaimed they’d like to shoot for a more luxurious look to the accessory game . With this new collection almost in full-effect , you notice some of the products seem more high-end than from past collections . The HRT$ Chain for example is by far the most memorable production of the set because it’s brass / gold polymer stands out . If you’re not Vinny Cha$e or other Harlem artists , there’s a good chance you don’t accustom this gem yet . Unfortunately , the piece is very limited . Purchase yours while they last and enjoy the craftsmanship behind the fortune .

Along with the HRT$ Chain , the wise men at Dead Heart NYC would enjoy introducing the HRT$ 3 ” Money ” Ring set . Brought to us from around the world comes another luxurious taste to the collection . The 3 Money Ring set includes 3 rings constructed from real , paper money from countries around the world . Although you may think the paper money won’t stay strong through thick and thin , you’re wrong . The ring is handcrafted for perfection and will hold up great .

Although there’s nothing out of the ordinary present with the Moola Green and Bold Blue Dead Hearts , they tend to intervene with your attitude . A colorful handmade accessory can work with multiple articles of clothing , especially if your favorite colors are blue or green .

“Taking a more luxurious look to the accessory game, the collection includes inspiration from creative fonts, recognized monogram prints, and colors that really fit that summer and spring flare!” – Dead Heart NYC

Respect | [ Dead Heart NYC ]