Jay West | “Abstract Messiah”

According to the pictures , Jay West‘s anticipated exhibition entitled End of an Error was a success . With family and friends supporting him from the start , his imagery was slowly coming to life . Soon after Jay and four other artists we’re proclaimed winners , their artwork was then displayed on W.125th St.

His artwork displayed on W.125th St. was a shock . Though he never imagined walking up and down Harlem’s well-known street to find his artwork displayed , his competitive mindset helped him surpass his imagination .

Jay’s Earth-like piece is interesting because it could contain multiple meanings . Unfortunately for us , we may never know . Once you look past the artwork , the time and effort contributed to following his passion appears .

“I feel that my surroundings really influence my work as well . You’re always a product of your environment . It’s like , if you see gloomy skies and crackheads and gang violence . I could easily been sucked into that , but I took that , that backdrop , and made it like an influence . I made that and took it all and put it into an image or characters of my own  . “ Justin West