Jay West | “Thee Omnipotent”

Nearing closer to his anticipated solo exhibit , the Pop Expressionist Justin West takes a few minutes from his work and progression to sit with L&L TV Production to speak about his history , and near future . Reigning from Harlem , New York , we’re given the almighty talents of your favorite artist’s artist . Not only has Mr.West had the opportunity to paint a lavish body in A$AP Rocky‘s music video , Wassup ,  his paintings are also featured in the backgrounds of Purple Swag  and Get High . Some viewers tend to attach his artwork to the big names he works with.  Both artists have high standards to represent their work in the best way possible tends to recieve mixed emotions .

” It kinda just recognizes real , it just meets , it just works . “Jay West  

With renaissance style paintings inspiring his skill and effort , his paintings never fail to come to life . Although there’s a lack of humans in his famous pieces , wolves and robots tend to cover his canvas’ . Yes , wolves and robots . The symoblic meaning of his choice of characters can only be found with the urge to learn .

His upcoming show , End of an Error on May 26th is similar to a double entendre of Damien Hirst‘s exhibit entitled End of an Era . The majority of his paintings and a possibility of select few drawings will be present . Although my presence won’t be felt , it will . Don’t forget to mark your calendars . If you’re around the NYC area , make sure to stop-by and make an appearance at the Sara Nightingale Gallery .

Author : @See_Bujorian .