A$AP Mob | “Lords Never Worry”

Clayborne Bujorian | “True Colors Bleed Through Regardless”

As anticipation and patience rose and decreased during the weekend before the proclaimed A$AP Mob released their project entitled Lords Never Worry . Isn’t Long.Live.A$AP releasing in October ? Yes . Though Long.Live.A$AP is releasing very shortly also , the Mob keeps their posture as they crash Live Mixtapes quickly after presenting us the masterpiece .

Collectives have been relevant recently . Luckily , A$AP Mob acquires an abundance of diversity to the point we’re unable to disregard their work . Raise your expectations . Though this is the only project by the entire Mob , there will always be the time in the day to create more . Responses from strong supporters and fans will help realize the collective their time has yet to come .

Art Direction By Matthew Williams .

Download their anticipated project here .


OG Che$$ + A$AP Ferg | “Harlem to Texas” Official Music Video

After days of editing and striving to maintain your cool , the wait is over . It’s safe to say the anticipated visual for Harlem 2 Texas is finally here . Months ago , OG Che$$ had the opportunity to connect with A$AP Ferg . Surely , he accepted the offer .

Harlem II Texas gives the public a glimpse into each of their lives . From touching down in various places and consuming Olde English 40′s , to enjoying the company of family . Although special occasions may call for similar activities for some , that’s not the case with these two .

While Ryan Grant , founder of the high-end fashion brand entitled La Vita , and GoodMidGrade were occupied editing the visual , the patience lessened via Twitter . The multiple transitions and scenes helped improve the meaning behind a few of the lines .

Also , cameos from Preston Boyer , ( PBNIKESBOG ) , Ryan Grant , ( La Vita ) , Maxo Kream and members of the ICEY Gang are present during the short film . God bless each and every person who used a helping hand to make this possible .

Artist(s) : @THEREALOGCHESS + @ASAPferg




Guest Appearances@MAXOCREAM , @ImICEYhoe , @PBtheNIKEsbOG

Respect | [ OG Che$$ ]