Abstraction | “Unconcerned with Literal Depiction”

Pablo Picasso | "Nude in an Armchair"

Abstraction began during the movement while individuals aimed to innovate and experiment with art , politics , and culture . Creative matters began appearing in the 19th century . While multiple manners were being expressed throughout North America and Europe between the years of 1910 and 1920 , sculptures and paintings flourished without citations to reality .

Along with Cubism , Abstract Art includes the focuses of Neoplasticism , and Abstract Expressionism . Cubist illustrations offered by Georges Braque and the well-known Pablo Picasso were glowing in the West come the early 1900’s .

Georges Braque

Important to the History of Abstraction is a man by the name of Marcus Rothkovich , also known as Mark Rothko . The Dvinsk , Russia native was a painter and an Abstract Expressionist . He was born in 1903 .

His presence in constructing the Color Field Theory played a big role throughout the world of Abstractionism .

Color Field Theory : Using large areas of color to decorate the entire canvas . The colors of one’s canvas exceed the borders and into infinity .

Marcus Rothkovich | "Blue and Grey" + "Earth and Green"

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