2005…US lol

FROM THE MEAN SHOOTOUTS INFESTED STREETS OF THE WILD HUNDREDS (Harlem) to the hipster filled avenues of soho we’ve done it and remained individuals through IT ALL!!
I remember precisely, High school of Art and Design (ROO ROO ROO ROO) is where it all began, the jeans began to get slimmer, the shirts began to grow collars, polo signs emerged, rugby patches patched, trench coats were worn!! Many jokes were cracked but our strength didn’t, from it sparked what have today! The live free, and express yourself era! Where art, fashion,designing,blogging, tech geeks, skateboarders, bikers, dancers all began to get street cred and became “COOL” to almost everyone, when we just did this because it was in us…..let’s take over another decade! ROO


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