The Realm of ROTHKO

Mark Rothko was a hugely interresting being himself. The fact that he had an issue with the Four Season’s resturant; A very, glam, wealthy, worldly resturant for the upper echelons of patrons, he refused to let this parade of subtle snarling wealth eaters use his “beautiful, and spiritual” paintings be used as decor. I myself would’ve had no problem- in fact, im going to seek out how I would be able to have my works exhibited in the resturant! His work went from gorgeous vibrant colors, to an emotional, visual of his being at a certain point of overbearing weight of life. Black on black pieces, with darker black squares as almost a gateway to another realm, but one of ending in the physical form ( i know, a bit too deep : ( ) lol. none the less, Rothkos’s work inspires me.

when his life was happy

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