One Comment on “R.I.P. QUALLY”

  1. Pebbles R. Slade says:

    Karen and Lisa, this is Pebbles R. Slade- Qualified’s Daughter- I just would like to tell you both, thank you for being great friends to my dad- this is a man that I have loved all my life-

    He taught me the meaning of Class and Charisma- he lived a life of Champagne and Caviar- he was the best! I couldn’t have chosen a better father- although imperfect as we all are in some aspects- I only choose to look at and examine the good in my dad- I loved him with an agape love- the kind of love that God loves us with- that has no conditons attached- and that’s how he loved me as well- someone once reffered to me as “Qualified’s Last Hurrrah”! what ever that means- lol!

    I am extremely proud that this American Icon- and Harlem Legend was MY DAD! the memories I have of him cannot be taken away from me- and I’m blessed to know that he loved me so much and was so proud of me- he always spoke of me- In honor of my father- Allen Richard Slade- I will carry his last name forever- Pebbles Regina Slade-

    I thank you for all the folks that assisted in making this beautiful documentary- my dad would want us to keep in touch often- and I will honor that-

    So, in conclusion, I bid you all a great night- and may the great mercies and grace of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ- abide in the hearts of you and alll those close and dear to your hearts ” and thangs!” xoxoxoxo

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