It’s quiet Thursdays: “PRETTY BOY SWAG” ????

SHAKING my damn head! 1 st and foremost ” pretty boy” is the utmost oxymoron! to be a “prettY” boy is like being a dolled up boy, imagine your male friends greeting you saying ” yo dawgm you all dolled up…owwwww” WHATTTTT? lol, #curve – women want men, and all that A man is. whether it be your hairy, have the scruff on the face, a full blown beard, whateva it may be; and do groom yourselves and remain neat but BE A MAN


One Comment on “It’s quiet Thursdays: “PRETTY BOY SWAG” ????”

  1. tai says:

    I agree!!!! If I wanted somethinng pretty I’d get a pair of shoes or a dress, maybe a bag – but not a boy!!!! I want a man to like feel and smell like a man!!

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