DESTROY evidence of TRUTH

Alot of people do not fully understand why the majority of Egyptian sculptures, and structures are broken, and disfigured! Mainly in part that weather corrosion over the vast amount of years, but the Roman empire is pretty guilty. Blowing the noses off of Sphinx’s to hide the identity of who the people were; Wide noses was clearly a sign that these were people of color.


4 Comments on “DESTROY evidence of TRUTH”

  1. JK says:

    Of course Egyptians were people of color, but for some of the citizens like Cleopatera, they were mixed with other races. It has become evident that Cleopatera had Greek in her. That’s why her city Alexandria was greatly Greek inspired with the sculptures and teachings. She herself spoke perfect Greek. There’s alot of controversy now about this movie trying to be made with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to portray Cleopatera and Julius Caesar. No, Angelina Jolie isn’t Egyptian not Greek, but she has that mysterious seductive attitude about her, similar to that believed of Cleopatera. And Brad Pitt has the looks and swagger to portray Julius Caesar, much like Brad Pitts role in Troy. There’s been alot of backfire in the black communities because us black people believe everything came from the black race, but if we can stop being ignorant for a minute and look up the history of Cleopatera, then maybe we’ll accept the fact that she was indeed mixed and had little African descent in her, if any at all.

    • jaywestone says:

      great point, and appreciate the fact that you gave feedback! Cleo was a small faction compared to the rest of the Egyptians, and it was brought up not to try and claim everything as Black, but to show as a whole what they were potraying! Even if Only half of the egyptian race was black, our blood is prevalent, and this was obviosuly in the vision of whomever was the architect of the sphinx. and for some other power to dynamite the noses off should alert people to ask why? do you know there was a photoshop sphinx contest on google, and almost all of the photos were sphinx looking but with a face similar to G.washington? gotta ask why

  2. JK says:

    Before anything, I just want to let you know I am a great fan of your movement along with the other New York talents. I’ve lived down south for a good minute, nearly my whole life, but always visited the east coast each summer and I’ve always been inspired by the fashion and just way of life. I hope New York makes a comeback but if it’s only in the fashion world and begins with people who have a great sense of it like yourself and Red Ribbon Army, then I won’t be mad. As far as your theory about destroying black history, I definately agree. People back then were so ignorant to anything greater than them and destroyed it. The Egyptians were a dominant race and made proof of it in their architecture which is still unbelievable till today. The Romans wouldn’t accept their knowledge along with the French, and every other race and nation that invaded Egypt and it’s still evident today that people just won’t accept the knowledge of black people. That’s why Obama has so much backfire and always will, but all we can do is continue learning and trying to spread an example in change. Keep doing your thing JayWest it’s inspiring.

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