Everyone that slander’s, and comes at the President needs to def take a chill pill!! Barack Obama has taken more successful, and beneficial steps his first year than (Pardon my french) BUMBASS GEORGE BUSH EVER did his entire time in office. And I don’t wanna make it seem like everyone’s hating because he is a Black man in office; it is what it is, and this is the biggest spark of controversy for our President. They can’t really come at Obama too heavy so they’re trying to deface other Black men in charge i.e: Patterson,Charlie Rengal…for the stupidest reason’s! Investigating these men because of unkown properties, and apartments.
it’s stll an attack on us as a people, and as a whole! Please let the man do his thing, it is the hold pocket, for our pocket mentality that got the USA into this huge financial deficit in the 1st place. you don’t want anyone to have jobs, Bloomy is trying to take chiledren;s Metro-cards out of the picture, and make them pay for transportation to school; BUT wants an increase in New York City HS graduates?? CUT YOUR SH*T.


One Comment on “WHY HATE THE MAN?”

  1. tai says:

    amen brothaman!!!!

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