Vice interviews KARL LAGERFELD

In this interview conducted by Bruce La Bruce of Vice, we get to know the Creative force on a more personal note. Discussing a wide variety of topics, seems to be a very interesting insight! check it out:
B: You’ve been famous for quite some time, but the whole landscape of celebrity has changed so dramatically in recent years.

KL: That’s part of our life, our culture.

B: Do you think it’s become kind of toxic?

KL:Yes, but you cannot fight against it. There’s a price you have to pay for fame, and people who don’t want to pay that price can get in trouble. I accepted the idea of celebrity because of a French expression: “You cannot have the butter and the money for the butter.”

B:What does being politically correct mean to you?

KL: It means people talking about charities. Do it, be charitable, but don’t make a subject of conversation out of it because then you bore the world to death. It’s very unpleasant. But I don’t go out a lot so I’m not so exposed to people.

B: And being isolated is not a problem for you?

KL: I have no problem. That’s the miracle of my life. There are no problems, only solutions—good ones or bad ones.


One Comment on “Vice interviews KARL LAGERFELD”

  1. tai says:

    i love it!!!

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