i was featured in this month’s issue of letter to obama.com’s “the 44th on the 4th”. a site where artist’s create letters to president Barack Obama in the form of artwork! my Tee shirt design i made for the URBAN PULSE art exhibit was chosen for this month’s letter! ‘m more than happy, and appreciative to have been chosen to be featured on this website. thank you Liz ; ) here’s what she had to say: by M. Liz Andrews

As a person who is dedicated to seeing a more just nation and world, I have often found myself fighting against things. In this issue of “For the 44th on the 4th,” graphic artist and illustrator, Justin West presents a t-shirt design which visualizes our collective state as Americans. In Justin’s image, I see our flag crying, bleeding or both. The image focuses on where we have been and where we now stand. Once these things are clear, we may be able to begin thinking about what it might be like to fight for something powerful and beautiful… like love.


One Comment on “feature in :LETTERTOOBAMA.COM”

  1. jataisha says:

    I agree. Well said Ms. Liz Andrews. Very subtle but very powerful.

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