after party @ M2

ALLLLLLLLLLLL THE WAYYYYYY TURNEDDDDD UPPPPPPPP!!!! song of the nite hands DOWN! Me, and Ferg shut it down on the lightly humble, as usual. Ludacris was the host of the festivities for BET’S RIP THE RUNWAY afterparty. Sam Cassell was in attendance, an array of other atheletes, and amongst the lifestyle of the rich, and famous were JAYWEST and Dferg -artists and fashion designer HOLLA at us! A toast to Mark, and his lady friends, toast to Ally Love for allways lookin out when im in M2, shout out to the bouncers lol. sjout out to Heather Jonesssss, shout to Brielle- goonniessss!


grindin lol

on top of the world

Aphi Jermy

great guy!

I heart NEW YORK

city scanning with brother Ant, Ferg, and sis IVANA-HUMP-ALOT!!! lol,


getting ready for the victory lap!

BET’s Rip the RUNWAY 2010

I had a feeling….THAT TONITE WAS GONNA BE A GOOD NITE!( will i am voice) : ) we had to wait out front for a second but my lovely homegurl Trinket, and homie Eric from BET came to our aid and escorted Ferg and I INSIDE! of course; very dope event. even doper after party…stay tuuuuuned! ; )


rich P, Ferg, KEV, niiiiiiice


me, and yung ALEX G

Janelle Monay

LAND of MAKE believe

8:30 this damn MORNING!!! and im getting told ” IF I DONT GET MY ASS OUT THERE, AND SHOVEL THAT SNOW! SHE WOULD SHOVEL IT AND PUT THE SHYT IN MY BED” lmaoooo. for those who find that amusing…EFF ya’ll. But I managed to get some pretty crisp pictures of my WOLF! world-meet SHOGUN

KING TUTT , and TIGER’S EYE bracelett. tuff

We love to swerve on the mainstream categories of fashion, style, art, music, whatever it is that expresses the self! brother and close friend Dferg popped up with this amazing bracelett! it looks like something you would take off of King Tutt’s wrist or something. then I back out with the XL BEAD Tiger’s Eye jawn. Every bead looks like a Galaxy, or planet! I love it


D-ferg, and I rolled out tonite, in this blizzardly cold weather in support of my man Damany aka Rugz D. Bewler! he killed his set, as did stalley, the LONDON SOULS, and Currensy! dope ass show, and of course an atmosphere of dope ass people! shout out to Ski, My man Gabe from CREATIVE CONTROL tv, and coins…enjoyed my time. peace

gorgeous custom OSTRITCH jacket courtesy of my bro chelo

BEWLER is that duder

creative control tv

Dj Ski Beats

super duper

capital STALLEY



A gorgeous painting from me to celebrity jeweler, auto enthusiast, and all around dope guy- Ben Baller. you may have peeped my man Ben in WALE’s video “pretty girls”. Ben has created the majority of the BLING you see on the MAJORITY of the entertainers you all love!
the painting is in his home, and looks amazing! who knows…maybe Ben will send me a tiny stoned out shotgun pendant : ) haha! im keepin my fingers crossed.

cookin it up in the STUDIO

working on a triptych for my newest body of works. featuring the classic SUPERMAN in one, SUPERMAN getting into a heavy assualt with one of my robots, and third SUPERMAN meeting a fatal demise. for those who are unaware of what a triptych is; it’s when an artist uses 3 canvases to make one body of work! in this case you can purchase one, 2 , or all 3 canvases if you like. more after the jump


$150 per belt. and I have 2 already , and 2 more on the way!! GET YOUR SUPPORT ON! everyone loves to buy everything else under the sun ( especially with an Italian name, or something not of there piers familiarity) start supporting. All belts, each and every one is ginuwine leather, hand treated, made in the US of A.


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